May Movement Month, explained

March 8, 2021
May Movement Month, explained.

As many of you who follow us on social media will have seen, the Jack Dodd Foundation is launching its May Movement Month challenge in just under 8 weeks time. We thought it would be beneficial to take some time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about MMM and outline why we believe it is important. As always, should you have any additional questions, please reach out to us via e-mail or any of our social media channels!

What is May Movement Month?
May Movement Month (MMM) is about challenging yourself. We are encouraging everyone to try and set themselves a goal to work on and aim to achieve by the end of May. Some examples of challenges are:
• Aiming to be able to run 5km by the end of the month
• Challenging yourself to walk a total of 200km within the month of May
• Learning how to do a handstand
• Exercising for 20 mins a day

In essence, absolutely anything that you'd feel proud accomplishing.

We're asking everyone to dedicate one month towards reaching this goal and trying to get as many people as possible involved!

In addition to the MMM challenge, we will be hosting a virtual mini-marathon on the final weekend of may. There will be three heats (5km, 10km, and a half-marathon), and everyone is welcome to participate. Whether you're running with the aims of a placing, trying a 5km for the first time, or walking either of the the heats, we'd love to have you! Paid entries (explained below) will receive a prize for participation in the marathon, as well as one should they secure a top three placing!

How much does it cost to enter?
Firstly, we'd like to stress that participation in MMM is completely free and we encourage you to invite as many of your friends and family as possible to challenge themselves!

If you'd like to enter our marathon, however, and be in the running (literally) to either win one of our top three prizes or receive your participation prize, the entry costs are as follows:
• Mini-marathon entry only: €10
• JDF baseball cap & mini-marathon entry: €25
• Embroidered performance shirt & mini-marathon entry: €35
• Embroidered cowl-neck sweatshirt & mini-marathon entry: €45
• Embroidered half-zip hoodie & mini-marathon entry: €55

Should you be interested in finding out any more about our products and sizing or colour options, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Why May Movement Month?
There are an overwhelming amount of peer-reviewed articles which showcase the relationship between both physical and mental health and exercise (please refer to some studies listed at the end of this article). With the events of the past 12 months leaving many of us not only more sedentary but also more isolated than ever, we felt it would benefit us to challenge ourselves, and to do so as a community. We like to believe that some healthy competition, be it with yourself or with others, encourages us to be the best version of ourselves and to push boundaries.

How can I prepare for MMM?
The JDF will continue to post a range of resources to help you achieve your goals on our social media. Head over to our instagram (@jackdoddfoundation) to find all of the latest information on MMM, as well as a highlight reel which saves all the most relevant information we have posted to our stories. As we begin to approach the start of MMM, we will also be releasing some additional social media content for you to use in order to hold yourselves accountable and share your progress on your stories! We will be using the hashtag #JDFMMM to share our journeys and support one another!

With 8 weeks to go, we hope you will all be thinking of what your #JDFMMM challenges will be. See you at the start line!

As always, should you have any additional questions or comments, please e-mail us at or feel free to reach out to us using either our Instagram or Facebook DM's.

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