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The Jack Dodd Foundation is dedicated to riders
and their families in times of need,
as injury is always an unexpected occurrence.

The Jack Dodd Foundation was formed in memory of Jack Dodd, who tragically passed away in June of 2018. The foundation aims to carry Jack’s legacy and build on his core values by creating an international community for riders and their families, providing them with support and access to all the tools they need to thrive both as athletes and as individuals.

As well as being a highly successful showjumping athlete, at the top of his game, Jack was best known for his kind hearted nature. Jack always took the time to be a voice at the end of the phone for his extensive network of friends and family and was known for his charisma and ability to connect with people.

The Jack Dodd foundation seeks to create an essence of community and togetherness, encouraging riders to help one another and balance their strengths and weaknesses through the sharing of information. With regular updates to our network and information base, we will be identifying key areas in which there is a lack of openly available information. We aim to fill these gaps—making it easier for riders to transition into opening their own businesses and relocating to pursue their sporting goals. Examples of key network contacts include business coaches, accountants, marketing experts, injury prevention and recovery coaches, nutrition experts, sports psychologists, and many more.

We’re creating access to the worlds
top professionals who are dedicated to the holistic health of the equestrian community.

As an Industry we need to strive towards improving performance development through the growth of individuals as people as well as athletes. The Rolex Young Riders Academy, of which Jack was proud and privileged to be a part, fostered his beliefs with their mantra “To give riders the foundation to become champions in sport and in life as men and women of true values”. Our aim is to grow a network of contacts who can work with riders on developing the necessary skills they need to reach their goals. With this in mind, our database provides contact information for professionals from various industries pertaining to Business Development, Management and Personal Development. A well prepared and carefully planned athlete with a healthy balance in life is far more likely to achieve their performance goals.

The Jack Dodd Foundation fund is available to riders and their families in times of need, as injury is always an unexpected occurrence. We were very fortunate to be surrounded by an extensive and generous network of individuals in the duration of Jack’s battle and believe it is important to be able to use this experience to give back to the equestrian community. The love, kindness, and practical support shown to us was indescribable. In return, we want to ensure that no member of our sport ever feels they are alone in a time of distress. We want to ensure there is a support system, extensive network, and a fund to support riders and their families who feel they have nobody else to turn to. Read more about how, in addition to our foundation, our associate charities can collectively help you or a loved one in a time of need.

At its core, The Jack Dodd Foundation aims to be the voice at the end of the phone that Jack was to his friends and family. By taking a multi-level approach, we hope to be able to create a one-stop-shop for riders facing any uncertainties in their business or personal lives, ensuring they always have someone to contact about any troubles they may encounter through the duration of their careers. By opening our doors and hearts, we hope to encourage others to open theirs, and pave the way to a heightened community and network.

—Andrea Drakulic
The Jack Dodd Foundation

From left to right, Andrea Drakulic, Trish and David Dodd, Denise Wilson
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