Introducing: Equi Pro Zone!

April 2, 2020

If, like us, you're starting to go stir-crazy during quarantine, we come bearing good news!

Lars Jame and Martien Janssen (read more about them in our network section) have been busy at work creating a 9 week program tailored to help improve your riding, health, posture, and strength! The program requires no equipment, and purchasing it gives you lifetime access! Equi Pro Zone aims to ensure everyone stays fit and healthy during these unprecedented times and provides you with a roadmap to success, curated by the combination of over 10 years of experience!

Some of the many benefits include: improved posture and balance, better cardio & strength levels, an increased feeling of relaxation & focus, daily stretching routines to increase mobility.

Each program includes the following:

  • 3 pilates foundation workout with progressions for each week
  • 3 fitness workouts with with progressions for each week
  • Daily Stretching routine
  • Pilates connections video
  • Ropeskipping variations video
  • Deep abdominal breathing video

As a bonus, you also receive detailed e-books explaining every step in the program and a 9 week progress tracker to make sure you don’t miss a training session!

Martien and Lars have very kindly offered us a discount code for out followers, using the code dodd50 will give you €50 off at checkout!

Head over to and get moving!

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