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Performance Coaching


Mental Coaching for Equestrian Sports and Business

Ireland and Worldwide over FaceTime
+353 838 793 868
Poppy Blandford
Working with athletes at all levels of the sport to help put in place the right mental strategies and approaches to manage every day life and competition.

Poppy Blandford (B.Sc.O.T., M.Sc.PMC) works internationally as a Mental Performance Coach specialised in Showjumping. Working closely with federations, development squads, teams, coaches and international riders, Poppy has built a strong reputation for her specialist ability to influence the performance of Equestrian athletes both in competition and business. Poppy is known for her in-depth knowledge of the showjumping industry and understands the dynamics and demands of showjumping, working to support athletes through the many challenges the sport presents.

Being ambitious can be a lonely journey at times and it’s important that you create a support network that can help you push through and achieve your goals. Poppy partners with equestrian athletes to support, encourage and drive them forward towards achieving their potential. Poppy will coach you through challenges, help you find direction and create the push you need to get things done.

  • Learn to thrive under pressure.  
  • Planned development and growth strategies.  
  • Competitive mindset development.
  • Learn to manage frustrations and emotions.
  • Grow self belief and create an athletic identity.
  • Work through current problems and blocks.